Alarm and Business Registration

The Police Department responds to all types of alarms for residences and businesses 24 hours a day.  Occasionally, it becomes necessary to contact a homeowner or business representative when no one is available on scene.  To assist with having the proper information available during these times, the Police Department maintains a file of alarm registrations.  In addition, Local Ordinance 6-1.6 requires the registration of any alarmed premise within the Township.  

To assist the owners of such buildings with providing the proper information, a form has been created with the required information.  Please click the link below to access this form.  The form can be returned to the Police Department in person, via US mail, or by fax (973-403-0836.)  If any of the information changes, please be sure to complete and return a new form.

Alarm and Business Registration Form


As a service to business owners, the Police Department also offers the opportunity to register un-alarmed businesses.  This ensures that the Police Department always has contact information in the event it becomes necessary to notify the owner or a designee of any emergency at the business.  The same form may be used, but please indicate that there is no alarm at the location.  

Please help us be prepared to better serve you!  

(Local Ordinance 6-1.6 mentioned on the form requires alarm system users to register the alarm with the police department, state which type of alarm or alarms are in use at the location, provide the name of the alarm company and a contact number, provide a list of emergency contacts, and ensure that any external audible signal resets within 30 minutes of activation.)