The Police Department is the first responding agency to any emergencies that occur within the Township.  To provide the best possible service, the Police Department formed the Emergency Services Unit in 1991.  A total of 10 officers certified as NJ State Emergency Medical Technicians are currently assigned to the ESU.  These EMTs are assigned to the various patrol squads to provide consistent pre-hospital care.  

Officers must maintain their certification by attending a 24 hour re-certification class every three years and earning 24 elective hours of continuing education during this same period.  These elective classes include such topics as basic trauma life support, pediatric emergency care, patient evaluation, and vehicle extrication.  In addition, all officers in the department, including those assigned to the ESU, are certified in CPR and use of the automated external defibrillator or AED.   

Each year, the ESU handles over 600 medical emergencies, in addition to serious motor vehicle crashes, fires, and calls where additional equipment is needed.  Throughout the year, members work closely with the West Essex First Aid Squad, the West Caldwell Fire Department, and various paramedic units from several area hospitals to provide the best possible outcome to each and every crisis. 

The Chevrolet Tahoe ESU vehicle pictured here is equipped with many specialized items that may be necessary to handle an emergency.  Some of these items include a ballistic shield, rams for forced entries, bolt cutters, multiple fire extinguishers, and night vision and thermal imaging equipment.  Medical equipment carried in the vehicle includes standard first aid items, splints, a backboard, a suction unit for airway management, an obstetrics kit, a pulse oximeter for measuring the percentage of oxygen in the patient's blood, an AED, and a triage kit for prioritizing patients at large-scale incidents.




Emergency Response Equipment


Medical Equipment