Tax Assessor's Office

Richard Hamilton - Municipal Tax Assessor
(973) 226-2303

On or before February 1, 2020, the Township will mail a post card to every owner of a taxable property in West Caldwell.  The post card is a notice of the property's assessment for 2020.  It also includes the original assessment from 2019.  If you agree with the assessed value shown, you don't need to do anything.  If you disagree with the assessed value shown, you may file an appeal with the Essex County Board of Taxation by July 1, 2020.  Forms, instructions and an information guide to tax appeal hearings can be obtained at:

Another option is to contact the Essex County Board of Taxation, 50 South Clinton Street, Suite 5200, East Orange, NJ 07018.  Their website is:

If the total assessed value of the property exceeds $1,000,000, you have the option of filing your appeal with the Tax Court of New Jersey, Hughes Justice Complex, PO Box 972, Trenton, NJ 08625.  For more information, visit  Select Tax Court.

Lastly, I want to alert our residents about using the post card for income tax purposes.  The card contains information about 'net taxes billed for 2019'.  CAUTION:  PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS AMOUNT IN YOUR FEDERAL AND STATE INCOME TAX RETURNS.  It does not reflect any adjustments to your property tax bill nor does it pro-rate added assessment taxes. In addition, it does not include pre-payment of 2020 property taxes. Some of our residents who have used the post card's amount were required to amend their income tax returns.  Both the federal and state tax returns require the dollar amount of property taxes PAID in that calendar year.  If either a bank or mortgage company pay your property taxes, they are required to report that information to you by January 31.  If you pay your own property taxes, please use your cancelled checks or your own financial records.

Richard Hamilton, Municipal Tax Assessor