Environmental Health


Environmental Health Activities

Environmental health activities include inspections of food establishments, food vending machines, multiple dwelling rentals, bathing places and campgrounds, as well as the monitoring of solid waste disposal, potable water supply and septic systems. The issuance of permits and the licensing of therapeutic massage establishments are also the responsibility of the Health Department. 

Food Safety

The Health Department's environmental staff conduct inspections of all food establishments within the Township of West Caldwell, North Caldwell and Fairfield. These food establishments include anyone who serves food to the public, from a large grocery store to a small vending machine. Our health inspectors work closely with retail food providers to ensure that that their facilities, services and employees comply with State standards. While most of our communities food establishments are clean and safe, problems can occur. If you ever have a concern about food safety or sanitation in a local food establishment, please let us know! (973-226-2303).



HAZMAT / Right to Know

The Township contracts with the Essex Regional Health Commission to perform HAZMAT Response, air and noise pollution enforcement. A variety of information on the hazardous materials used and stored at the commercial, government and institutional facilities in our community are available through the State's Right to Know Program. Much of this information will soon be available on-line. In the mean time, if you have a question about a particular facility or would like some additional information on the Right To Know Program, please feel free to contact the West Caldwell Health Department Office. (973-226-2303).

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