Finance and Taxes

Water bills are mailed quarterly (normally in January, April, July, and October). All water meters are read with the assistance of a remote reading system (see Water Utility) to provide actual consumption figures for accurate water billing. There is a minimum charge for all residents connected to the Township Water System. All bills are due and payable within thirty days of the billing date.

If you are moving, you must first obtain a final water meter reading as of your closing date. To schedule a final reading or make an inquiry regarding your bill, please call (973)226-2304.

Click here for the Request for Final Water Meter Reading form, which must be completed and e-mailed to or faxed to

Property tax bills are due and payable quarterly on the first of February, May, August and November. Tax bills are mailed out once a year - normally in June or July. If you have a mortgage, your tax bill is mailed directly to your bank and an advice copy is mailed to the homeowner. Any questions regarding tax bills or payments should be directed to the Tax Collector at (973)226-2304.

For 2021 Tax Sale information and forms, click here.

Questions concerning your property assessments, tax appeals, and veteran and senior citizen deduction applications should be addressed to the Tax Assessor at (973)226-2303.            

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