Construction Code Enforcement

The West Caldwell Code Enforcement Department (commonly known as the Building Department) is staffed by a combination of full-time, part-time, and private industry professionals. All of our inspectors are licensed by the State of New Jersey to maintain a Class 1 rating, the highest offered by the State.

The requirement for obtaining construction permits is not to ensure quality of construction, but to attain a minimum level of building safety. An example of these concerns is the homeowner who decides to finish a basement. Thousands of dollars are spent and the newly finished basement is a showpiece. The unsuspecting homeowner may not be aware that a beam or column that was removed during construction was supporting the weight of the first and second floors, creating the potential for a partial or complete collapse of the building.

While this is an extreme example, it is not uncommon. Many times, our inspectors will discover a flaw of some nature; once this is brought to the attention of the homeowner or the contractor, the problem is corrected. It is not unusual for this process to result in changes that improve both the safety and the esthetic aspects of the construction.

Guidelines that determine when a construction permit is required have been established by the State. All new construction and alterations must meet the minimum safety standards established by a statewide uniform code. While your contractor may agree to obtain any necessary permits for you, the State places the responsibility for securing building permits on the homeowner. We suggest that while planning any construction projects you contact the Building Department at 973-226-2302. We will be pleased to advise if any permits are required and to assist in completing any required applications.

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