General Information

Camp Wyanokie
This facility is available for use by West Caldwell groups or service organizations. The 150 acre site is adjacent to Norvin Green State Forest in West Milford, New Jersey and is equipped with lean-tos, drinking water and a lake for recreational activities. Permits for use of the facilities either for a general outing, overnight or extended camping are available by calling 973-228-6432. For additional information, see the Camp Wyanokie website at .

Garage Sales
No permits are necessary to hold garage sales.

St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, and Mountainside Hospital in Glen Ridge are easily accessible to residents of the Township. Emergency calls should be directed to 911, but for general information on these facilities dial the following numbers:
St. Barnabas Hospital 973-533-5000
Mountainside Hospital 973-429-6000

Lawn Watering
Residents are asked to water their lawns between the hours of midnight and 5 AM in order to save water and lower bills.

Lost or Found Pets
Any lost or found animals should be reported to the Police.

Newcomers' Night
All new homeowners receive an invitation to attend the annual Newcomers Night to be held in October at the Municipal Building at 30 Clinton Road. Members of the Governing Body and Administration will be on hand to discuss the responsibilities and services of the various Township Committees.

Overnight Parking
Street parking is prohibited between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM. If it should be necessary to leave a car on the street overnight, call the Police Department at 973-226-4114 to request permission.

Post Office
The West Caldwell Post Office is located at 155 Clinton Road, but for some residents, the Caldwell Post Office on Park Avenue or the Essex Fells Post Office on Runnymede Road may be more convenient.

Roads, County of Essex
There are ten county roads in the Municipality, including Bloomfield Avenue, Central Avenue, Clinton Road, Harrison Avenue, Kirkpatrick Lane, Lane Avenue, Mountain Avenue, Passaic Avenue, Runnymede Road and Westville Avenue. When these roads are in need of attention, you may call the County Road Department at 973-226-8503 or the 24 Hour Hot Line at 973-239-3366.

Senior Citizen Services
The Grover Cleveland Senior Center is a full-time Center co-sponsored by the Borough of Caldwell and the Essex County Division on Aging. The Center, located at 1 Provost Square, Caldwell, is open Monday through Friday to all senior citizens in the West Essex area. Recreational activities include trips, weekly lunches and bingo, movies, card playing, and arts and crafts. Health screenings, such as blood pressure checks, are available. The Center also offers help to older adults with problems concerning health insurance, housing, transportation, taxes, and information on county-wide services. Call 973-403-4637 for further information.

Voter Registration / Absentee Ballots
Citizens 18 years of age or older may register to vote either in person at the Township Clerk's Office in the Municipal Building or by using a mail registration form available at the Township Clerk's Office. The deadline is 21 days prior to the election. Applications for absentee ballots are available at the Township Clerk's Office.

The applications must be mailed to the County Clerk's Office no later than seven days before the election. Mail registration forms and absentee ballots may also be obtained by mail. Primary Elections are the Tuesday after the first Monday in June; General Elections are held the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Water Meters
With the recent installation of remote exterior water meters, meter readers do NOT need to enter your home for regular readings.

Fire Hydrants
The Township requests that if a fire hydrant is located in front of your property or nearby, that you clear the snow away from the hydrant after snowfall. This will greatly reduce the time it will take for the Fire Department to connect to it during an emergency.

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