West Caldwell Water Department Hydrant Flushing Program

The West Caldwell Water Department conducts a semi-annual flushing of all fire hydrants in the spring and in the fall in the Township. The purpose of this program is to remove iron sediment from the water mains in order to alleviate discoloration and reduction of flow, resulting in improved water quality.

Our Fall 2017 flushing program is under way.  We will post our progress daily.  If we are flushing in your area, we ask that you simply run your water for a few moments prior to doing any laundry to confirm there is no discoloration.

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Current Hydrant Flushing Status

August 21, 2017

Flushing will begin on August 28, 2017 on Mountain Avenue.  Please check here daily beginning August 29th. for daily updates.


Thursday October 19, 2017 -

Fall flushing is now complete.  Thank you for your cooperation.