Water Utility

The West Caldwell water system consists of over 55 miles of pipeline, 480 fire hydrants and serves over 3700 residential and commercial properties. The system is maintained and operated by the West Caldwell Water Department. The department conducts routine sampling of the system to assure that our water meets all state and federal standards.

For information on our semi-annual hydrant flushing program, click here.

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Consumer confidence reports from previous years are also available by clicking here.

The Water Department presently reads all residential water meters remotely. This means that no water meter reader will have to inconvenience homeowners by asking for residential access. Readings are collected by plugging a handheld computerized device into a receptacle located on the outside the home. Should anyone ask to gain entry into a home, ask for identification. If none can be provided, report them to the West Caldwell Police (973-226-4114) immediately.

Water is a finite resource and we ask all residents to use it wisely. Lawn watering should be done at night, preferably between the hours of midnight and 5:00 AM. If you see any water leaks, or have an emergency during working hours (9:00 AM to 4:30 PM), or simply have a question about the water system, please call 973-226-2300. For water emergencies after working hours please call the Police Department (973-226-4114).

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