The Clerk's Office serves many vital municipal functions for the Township of West Caldwell.

A main function of the Office is the Chief Administrative Officer of all elections and is responsible for the conduct of municipal elections. In this capacity, the Clerk answers to the County Clerk who, in turn, ultimately answers to the Secretary of State.

The Clerk as the Secretary of the Municipal Corporation also maintains all official records of the municipality, such as minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and all other official documents.

Additionally, the Clerk is the Secretary to the Governing Body and creates the agenda for all Council meetings under the supervision of the Council President, deciding what will be discussed. All requests from the public, department heads, and Council members to schedule items into the agenda go through this Office. Once something is discussed and decided upon by the Council, their actions are recorded by the Clerk, who will then inform all interested parties of what occurred.

A major function of the Clerk's Office as Administrative Officer is that of licensing. Among others, licenses and permits are issued in West Caldwell for: liquor establishments, taxis and liveries, charitable solicitations, raffles and bingo.

The Clerk is also the Records Manager for the Township of West Caldwell.