Appointed Township Officials (2014)

Township Administrator Adam W. Brewer
Chief Financial Officer Nikole Monroig
Municipal Engineer Stanley Omland
Municipal Attorney Paul G. Jemas, Esq.
Chief of Police Michael J.Bramhall *
Fire Chief James Alvine
Department of Public Works Superintendent Vincent Graziosa
Foreman, Water John Pressler
Recreation Director Gabe DiMasi ***
Clerk Mary Donovan
Construction Code Official / Electrical Subcode Official Robert McLoughlin
Fire Official / Fire Subcode Official John N. Medina 
Building Subcode Official Michael Quinn
Plumbing Subcode Official Anthony Lardieri
Zoning Officer Vacant
Health Officer / Deputy Registrar Bill Wallace
Tax Collector Joan Conway
Tax Assessor Richard J. Hamilton, Jr.
Tax Counsel Matthew J. O'Donnell
Judge Bridget A. Stecher *
Court Administrator Sylvia Fuentes
Municipal Prosecutor Thomas Callahan, Jr., Esq.
Assistant Municipal Prosecutor Joseph A. DeFuria
Public Defenders Dennis S. Cleary, Esq.
Donald Larsen, Esq.
Elizabeth A. Valandingham, Esq.
Jonathan Testa, Esq.
Levi Kool, Esq.
William Fried, Esq.
Registrar of Vital Statistics & Recycling Coordinator Sandra Berardi
Welfare Director Maria E. Burak ****
Emergency Management Coordinator Lawrence Peter
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator John N. Medina 
Community Development Block Grant Program Committee Vincent Graziosa, Anita DeWitt, Bill Wallace

All Offices at 30 Clinton Road except the following: 
* Office in Police Headquarters, 21 Clinton Road 
** Office in Public Works Building, 21 Clinton Road 
*** Office in Recreation Office, 5 Fairfield Avenue 
**** Office at 14 Park Avenue, Caldwell